Businesses That Can Benefit From Word Cluster Lobby Signs

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Businesses That Can Benefit From Word Cluster Lobby Signs

6 May 2020
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There are many different kinds of signs that you might wish to display in the lobby of your place of work. Of course, you'll want a sign that features the name and logo of your company, but there are other types of signage to consider. If you want to choose a creative type of sign to display on the wall — perhaps in a waiting area — one option is to consider a word cluster. A word cluster is an image that is made up of several words that relate to your business. Typically, the words will appear in various sizes and may also have different fonts. Here are some businesses that can benefit from word cluster signs.

Staffing Services

If you run a company that specializes in employment staffing, you might wish to consider a word cluster lobby sign. You'll typically have people visiting throughout the day for appointments with your representatives, which means that they'll often sit in the lobby for a short period of time. A word cluster sign with various words related to the staffing industry or the various fields that you place temp workers in can be appealing and encouraging for those who are seeking employment. Examples of suitable words can be, "interview," "contract," "high tech," and more.

Catering Services

A word cluster lobby sign can also be a good choice for a local catering service. This is another type of business that has a lot of people visit throughout the day. For example, you'll have people visiting to sit down with your catering experts to discuss their needs for weddings, family reunions, corporate events, and more. When you're thinking of a collection of words to use for this type of sign, the obvious answer is types of food that you prepare. Examples could be, "pasta," "barbecue," "cupcakes," "appetizers," and more.

Athletic Centers

Another type of business that can benefit from a word cluster sign in its lobby is an athletic center. While your business might occasionally get people waiting in the lobby, you'll have more people walking through this space — and a strategically placed sign can offer encouragement to your members before their workouts. Think about terms that represent exercises, fitness goals, and other wellness topics. For example, some of the words in your cluster could be, "treadmill," "burpees," "weight loss," "personal best," and more. Speak to a custom sign company to share this idea and work together to produce your finished product.

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