Ordering A Headstone Monument For Your Deceased Loved One

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Ordering A Headstone Monument For Your Deceased Loved One

28 March 2022
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When you lose a loved one, it may be necessary to buy a headstone monument to mark the site of their grave. As you are ordering a new headstone for your deceased loved one, there are many factors that will impact the quality of the headstone that you are able to get for your loved one.

Flat Or Standing Monuments

An important decision when you are ordering a monument for your loved one's grave will be deciding between a flat or standing monument. While a traditional headstone monument will be more costly than a flat option, it will be substantially more visible. Furthermore, its larger size will allow for more information to be provided about the deceased. If a person is wanting to order a fairly elaborate headstone design, it may be beneficial to invest in a temporary flat marker as well. This can allow the grave to be properly marked while you wait for the custom headstone to be finished.

The Inscription On The Monument

The type of inscription that you are wanting for the headstone is another critical factor to weigh. When you are deciding on a memorable inscription for the monument, it is important to be mindful of the limited amount of space that will be available. This can lead to a person needing to be selective with what they include in the inscription so that there will be enough space for the entire inscription to be large enough to be easily read by those walking by the headstone. Furthermore, this can assist with the cost of having the inscription made as you may be charged for each character that is included.

The Use Of Colors In The Monument

Color is another important attribute when ordering a headstone. While it is understandable that a person will want the headstone marker to use attractive and eye-catching colors, there are restrictions that the cemetery may have when it comes to the color of the headstones that are placed. Unfortunately, this is a factor that many people will fail to appreciate, and this can lead to them potentially buying a headstone that uses prohibited colors. If this occurs, they may have to replace the headstone to be able to place it in the cemetery. Reviewing this ahead of time is an important step for allowing you to become familiar with the numerous restrictions that the cemetery may have concerning the size, shape, or colors used in the headstones and other monuments.

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