Advice When Creating A Custom Business Sign For Commercial Property

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Advice When Creating A Custom Business Sign For Commercial Property

1 December 2021
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Some of the best marketing resources for companies today are the signs on their building. They are what people first notice when approaching the premises. If you're having a custom business sign created for your property, remember these tips.

Consider Incorporating Lighted Elements

If you want to make a big impression with people that see your commercial property, then consider adding some lighted elements to this custom business sign. That's going to help you draw more attention towards the sign, regardless of what time in the day it is. 

LEDs are one of the better options because they're energy-efficient and pretty affordable. You'll just want to incorporate them into the sign in a way that makes sense. Neon lighting is another option you might consider for making your business sign more unique. 

Make Sure Size Fits Placement Location

When ordering a custom business sign from a printing company, you'll be given a lot of size options. You need to make sure that whatever size you decide on for this commercial sign works with where it's going on your building.

For instance, if you're setting up this sign on the outside of your building where there's a lot of space, then you need to opt for a bigger commercial sign. Whereas if this is an indoor sign that's going above a doorway, you need to downsize so that it fits the area perfectly.

Include a Call to Action

To help your custom business sign really drive home a particular point about your company, it needs to include some type of call to action. You'll still put your company name on the sign, but this call to action will get people more inclined to do something.

Maybe it's to highlight the savings that customers can enjoy by shopping with your company or to market a particular service you offer. Just make sure this call to action makes sense for your company's operations and is concise. You don't want to use too many words and then clutter up the custom business sign because then it won't read as well.

Companies today can customize their business signs to make them truly unique. If you're utilizing this service, it helps to focus on elements that matter the most like size, material, and overall designs. Work out these factors so that your custom business sign tells the right message to prospective customers that pass by your building.

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