New Business? 2 Types Of Signs You Can Use In The Front

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New Business? 2 Types Of Signs You Can Use In The Front

20 July 2021
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If you own your own business and are in an area that gets a lot of foot and/or car traffic, you should be using signs. Signs can be used simply as a way to add decoration to your storefront or to alert people that you are having a sale. To help you decide, below is information about three different types of signs.

Ornamental Signs

Ornamental signs are made of steel, iron, aluminum, and other materials. These signs are often used for decorative purposes. They are durable, however, and can withstand the weather condition so you can leave them out all the time. When designing an ornamental sign, you can choose the size. For example, if you want the name of your business on the sign, you can choose a larger sign. If you only want to have a logo or some print, a smaller sign would do. Signs outside are generally attached to one or two poles that stick into concrete. You can also have ornamental signs hung up on the outside wall of your building. 

Ornamental signs are available in a variety of colors. Consider making the background darker and the lettering lighter to make your words stand out. These signs are unique as they are very detailed in different ways. Hire a company that can custom design an ornamental sign for you. They can show you the different varieties you can choose from and then create the sign that you want for you.

Pylon Signs

Another sign you can choose is a pylon sign. This type of sign is illuminated so it is easily seen. These signs are often used by busy freeways or if you have a lot of car traffic that drives by your business. Being lit up makes the sign much easier to see, and it also makes the sign more noticeable to people. The structure is made of durable steel that will hold up well under any weather conditions. If it is windy outside, you will not have to worry about the sign blowing over. The sign is placed on a concrete foundation to make it durable. 

These signs are backlit which means it is illuminated behind the image or lettering. LED lights are generally used as these lights last a long time and are also energy-efficient. The lights are available in different brightness, and these bulbs also come in different colors. You can choose a single pylon sign, or they also come double-sided. Double-sided signs allow people to see the sign no matter what way they are going past your business. 

There are many other signs you can use for your business, such as A-frame signs, post signs, and much more.