4 Signs To Get Before A Business Grand Opening Event

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4 Signs To Get Before A Business Grand Opening Event

11 November 2020
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When a business owner plans a grand opening event to draw people in and get them to recognize that the business is new and opening its doors for the first time, they should use assorted signs to garner a lot of attention. 

Custom Sign Frames

This custom signage is a plastic sign that gets placed on the sidewalk. It will often include the business's name and some fine details, such as the grand opening date and the types of specials offered to the consumers. Even if people did not know there was a grand opening happening, they would see the signage when walking down the block, which could spark their interest in what the business sells.

Grand Opening Feather Flag

A grand opening feather flag is a must-have. It is the type of sign that stands out in an open area, capturing consumers' attention everywhere. The feather flag is tall and wide and will mention the grand opening on it. These feather flags come in various colors, but it is always ideal for business owners to select bright colors that naturally stand out and are still easy to read. People can typically spot these signs while driving on the opposite side of the road because of their color and size.

Permanent Store Sign

A store sign should get installed days or weeks before the grand opening. It is a permanent sign that says the name of the business on it. The business owner would need to choose the style of their store sign because there are dozens of options, including LED letter signage and hanging signs. The signage for storefronts comes in different materials. There are metal, glass, and wood options for professionals to choose from when picking a flawless sign to install outside the building.

Custom Lawn Sign

If there is a lawn or even a small grassy area in front of the store, a custom lawn sign is great to have installed right before the grand opening. The sign may have the name of the business, the grand opening date, and an arrow that points in the store's direction.

Before a grand opening event, business owners should get a few signs to install and encourage consumers to visit their establishment. Plastic sign frames, grand opening feather flags, custom lawn signs, and a permanent store sign are all worth investing in before the business officially opens its doors to allow the public to check out what they are offering to everyone. Reach out to a professional to request signs