Custom Signage For A Children's Zoo And Eatery

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Custom Signage For A Children's Zoo And Eatery

19 June 2020
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Signs provide important information and can also be used to convey positive messages or exciting news. If you are opening a new children's zoo and eatery, choose some ways to integrate signage, both inside the zoo and restaurant and on the premises. Your new advertising will ensure that your visitors are informed about procedures, animal facts, and the location of a specific site.

Signs For Animals And Walking Paths

Signs that provide information about various animal breeds and their behaviors or eating patterns can be informative for your visitors and will allow people to branch out on their own, without needing to be accommodated by a tour guide. If you are going to select a particular mascot to be representative of your business, have signs designed that feature this character.

Maybe, you would like to utilize one of the popular zoo animals as the mascot or perhaps, you would like to use a fictitious character as the mascot. This animal or character can be added to other parts of the zoo, by using their picture and arrow signs to designate where people should walk. Signs can also be added to an outdoor picnic area or next to restrooms or trash cans.

To ensure that you do not miss any locations that could benefit by the addition of a sign, walk around the zoo grounds and write down a list of information that you would like to relay to your customers. Then, work with a sign designer to come up with custom signage that covers all of the areas that you have identified.

Signs For Indoor Features, Rules, And Menu Items

Custom signage should also be displayed along the outside and inside of the restaurant area. You may want to include advertisements that list the admission prices, the types of food that you are selling, and any rules that pertain to bringing food and beverages outdoors. All of the signage that is used along the outside or the inside of the building can use the same theme as what has been posted in the zoo, to keep everything uniform.

You can also go with a different approach and use color-coding as part of the way that you relay information. For instance, all of the areas where people are welcome and can walk around at leisure can utilize signs that are a specific color and that feature the mascot. Any areas that are out of bounds or information that pertains to a rule or a restriction can be displayed on custom signage that features another distinct color. 

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