Need Commercial Signage? 3 Tips To Order Properly

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Need Commercial Signage? 3 Tips To Order Properly

20 May 2020
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Commercial signage is one of the things that sets businesses apart. When companies focus on improving the quality of their signage, it can drive sales, improve brand recognition, and highlight high-value products. However, there are some essential things to think about before you order signage for your company. Here are three tips to order properly. 

1. Measure Spaces Carefully

Measurements that sound ridiculously huge might create signs that pale in comparison with the size of your building, which is why it is crucial to measure spaces around your business carefully. Think about where you want a sign, and take the time to measure the space carefully to make sure you create a sign that is large enough for what you need. 

Think about things like ceiling height, orientation, and direction before you make the sign. Additionally, think about whether or not the sign would need to be read from either direction, since printing the sign forwards and backwards could create an impressive display in an entryway. 

2. Consider Your Color Palette

Think carefully about what the general color palette of your business is and what colors would look great in the space. Consider adding a splash of color to what might be an otherwise drab walkway and entryway, and think about using complementary colors such as yellow and purple, blue and orange, and red and green to create more visual interest. Use high-contrast photos and text that stands out so people can read signs quickly and easily. 

3. Avoid Font Fails

Every font has a different curvature and kerning, which can make some letters look like others — in a disastrous way. To prevent problems, check and double-check the signs you create by having other people read the signage proofs. Ask strangers who aren't a part of your organization to read the signs to see what they see, and consider offering a free in-store coupon as a thank you. You may be able to avoid creating bad press, which could be incredibly helpful in the long run. 

Bringing the right signs into your business is instrumental in improving the visibility of your products and the movement of your items. When you are ready to start ordering signs, talk with different places to see what they can offer. Additionally, ask if there is an additional cost for producing the signs on a rush-order basis so you can have the new commercial signage inside your store as soon as possible.