Helpful Advice When Shopping For Power Pole Tags

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Helpful Advice When Shopping For Power Pole Tags

20 May 2020
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If you're involved in setting up power poles, then it's important to mark their ownership. You can do just that with power pole tags. Buying them won't be difficult if you remember this advice.  

Look For UV-Resistant Design

Wherever these tags are set up on power poles, they'll probably be exposed to the sun during certain periods of the day. That's not ideal because it can make the markings fade over time. In this case, you'll want power pole tags with a UV-resistant design.

No matter how long the power pole tags are left in direct sunlight, UV rays won't be able to affect the markings on the tags at all. That should give you added confidence after power poles have been set up and properly tagged. Ultimately, this design helps you avoid having to replace the power pole tags often and then wasting a bunch of money. 

Select the Right Marking Style and Size

It's important that wherever these tags are set up on power poles, they're easy to read. Even from a distance, people shouldn't question what the tags say. You can feel better about this when you carefully assessing the tag's marking style and size.

In terms of style, you want something traditional that's very simple to read. The size needs to be pretty large, too, so that the tags don't cause any confusion. It's recommended to view different marking styles and sizes in person so that you can make a more informed selection with ease. 

Opt For Bright Colors

When power poles are being maintained, you don't want the contractor that comes out having a hard time trying to find the tag for proper identification. So that they don't struggle, look for power pole tags that feature bright colors.

Orange and yellow, for example, are colors that are extremely easy to spot. They'll stick out right away against the power pole's brown or tan color. Anyone who needs to find a certain power pole, then, won't have to look very hard and that can facilitate their operations, whether they're updating the tag's information or maintaining the pole that the tag is on. 

Tags play a very important role in power poles today and there are a lot of options. If you're in the market for some, take your time weighing important factors like size, color, and durability. These assessments will help you find tags that are perfect.