3 Tips For Creating Great Commercial Signs

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3 Tips For Creating Great Commercial Signs

28 April 2020
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When it comes to selling a commercial property, the signage you put on the actual property itself can be important to the selling process. With commercial property signs, you want to make sure you create a detailed sign that helps move the project forward.

Tip #1: Add Lots of Pictures

If you really want to sell your commercial property, it is all about the pictures.

If you are selling an already developed piece of commercial property, you can use the commercial property sign to put up pictures of the inside of the property. Use the commercial sign to show off the property's best features. The right pictures will entice the right buyer to request a viewing of the inside of the property so that they can see what it looks like for themselves.

If you are selling a piece of commercial property that is not fully developed or not developed at all, you can add a great picture graphic to showcase potential designs for the property. For example, if the property is zoned for a restaurant, you should show a graphic of a restaurant design that would work on that property. Pictures will help potential buyers imagine the possibilities for the property. It is all about showing off the potential of the property.  

Tip #2: Add a Brochure Box

Brochure boxes may be a little outdated when it comes to residential properties, but brochure boxes are still essential for commercial properties. By adding a brochure box, you have the potential to share more information with prospective buyers.

The brochure in the box should contain detailed information about the property that someone interested in buying it would want to know, such as the size of the property, the zoning for the property, and the utilities for the property.

Tip #3: Keep the Layout Simple

Third, you are going to want to keep the layout of the sign simple. You don't want to overwhelm the sign with too many graphics or information. The point of the sign is to grab their interest and get them to reach out to you for more information.

You can include a phone number to contact you with, or a special text code that will give you their contact information and allow you to automate a process to send anyone who texts that code will get additional information about the property.

When designing a commercial sign, you want to add pictures and graphics to the sign. Keep the overall layout simple and add a brochure box and contact information in order for interested parties to get more information. Visit http://www.genesis-signs.com/ or a similar site for more information.