Commercial Sign Light Retrofitting Benefits Your Business

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Commercial Sign Light Retrofitting Benefits Your Business

23 April 2020
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Do you have outdated, lighted business signage? If so, if you want to upgrade the signage to a modern LED design, a complete overhaul or replacement might not be the best option. Sign light retrofitting is often a better alternative; discover why.

Cost Savings

When you decide to retrofit your existing signage with LED lights, you can save a great deal of money. When it comes to high-quality commercial signage, there is an investment that comes along with the process. For this reason, when a business has multiple lights that they want to update to an LED design, the cost can be quite high. 

Retrofitting allows you to keep the existing light structure intact. A signage professional then modifies the existing fixture to be outfitted with LED bulbs. The cost to retrofit a fixture is considerably less than the cost associated with designing and manufacturing a new light fixture. The cost savings is even further maximized when it comes to custom-designed commercial lights. 

Less Downtime

Commercial signage is very important. For potential customers, it lets them know that your business exists, and for existing customers, it reminds them that you're open for business. For these reasons, you want to minimize the amount of time your business is without signage. Fortunately, the retrofitting process is not a long and extensive one. 

Once the design plans have been finalized, a sign professional can prepare the new sign for LED functionality in less time than it would take to completely design a new commercial sign for your business. As a result, you get to save money and minimize the disturbance to your business. 

Environmental Advantages

The manufacturing process involved with commercial light signage does have an environmental impact when you factor in everything in from the materials used to the electricity consumed. Retrofitting is a shorter process to complete, which means less energy consumption and requires very minimal materials to perform the necessary updates. 

These factors make retrofitting a more environmentally friendly option for business owners. Although it might seem like a minor impact, when you retrofit your existing fixtures, you can do your part to minimize the environmental impact your company has on the overall population. 

If you want to experience the benefits of retrofitting for your old and outdated signage, contact a signage professional who can walk you through the process and let you know about more of the awesome benefits you can expect.