3 Ways to Use Banners to Reassure Store's Customers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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3 Ways to Use Banners to Reassure Store's Customers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

23 April 2020
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If your store is like most, you're being counted on to provide your community with essential items needed for survival during this COVID-19 pandemic. Here are a few ways you can use banners to support your store's customers during this tough time.

Explain Your Process

You can use hang banners in from of your essential business that explains the process you are using to help keep employees and customers safe while spending time on your property. If you are requiring all of your employees to wear masks and gloves, or you're disinfecting your store on an hourly basis, use a banner to let people know. That way, they can have some peace of mind in knowing that you're taking their health seriously when they decide to shop at your facility.

Print a complete list of steps you are taking to keep everyone safe on a banner, and then hang the banner over your front door so all passersby can see it. The banner may inspire other essential business owners in the immediate area to step their game up and help keep the community safe as a whole.

Offer Stock Updates

If you are having trouble keeping certain things in stock at your store, it's a good idea to make sure people know before actually going into your store. If you aren't currently carrying what a customer needs, they should avoid visiting your store altogether. But they can't do that unless they know that you don't have what they came for.

So posting a banner on your storefront that specifies items like toilet paper and rice you tend to run out of regularly will help keep people informed before they even enter your store, let alone get out of their vehicle while on your premises. When the items on your banner are in stock, you can just take the banner down. And when your stock runs low, you can hang the banner up again.

Offer Your Support

Banners will allow you to show support for your community by posting inspiring messages and helpful reminders on your storefront. Your customers and community members are likely stressed out and could use a reason to smile as they are traveling around to handle essential tasks. So whether they are on their way to shop at your store or they are just passing by, you can add a little happiness to peoples' lives by having a series of messages printed on banners for them to read.

Consider printing a few different messages on their own banners and then cycling through them each week so passersby have something new to read on a regular basis. A message as simple as "remember to smile" can brighten the day of even the grumpiest of people who have to head out of their safe homes.